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10 tips for Best Frozen Party

If you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate your kid’s birthday, why not go with a Frozen party? You can create an unforgettable experience for your little ones and their guests with the right decorations and activities.

Start by finding an experienced birthday decorator, such as Flowers by Margo, who can help you transform your party venue into Arendelle. With creative and colorful decorations, we can turn your child’s dreams of a Frozen-themed birthday celebration into reality.

Fun activities for kids

1. Create Your Own Snow Globe Craft: Transform mason jars into magical snow globes with this easy craft project.

2. Snowman Pinatas: Let the kids have a snowball fight by making their snowman pinatas.

3. Ice Sculpting Challenge: Give each guest an ice cube and let them create their masterpiece with the materials provided.

4. Icy Dance-Off: Set up a mini dance floor and have a cool, Frozen-themed dance party!

5. Hot Cocoa Bar: Keep your guests warm and cozy by setting up a hot cocoa bar to enjoy.

6. Olaf’s Snowman Face Painting: Let the kids get creative and design their own Olaf faces with face paint.

7. Build a Marshmallow Tower: Gather some marshmallows and toothpicks to see how high your guests can build a tower.

8. Pin the Nose on Olaf: A classic Frozen party game that’s perfect for a themed birthday.

9. Frozen Movie Marathon: Pop some popcorn and gather around the TV to watch your favorite Frozen movies.

10. Snowy Scavenger Hunt: Hide clues throughout the party area and let the kids search for them!

Regarding food and drinks, you can go with Frozen-themed snacks such as blue snowflake cupcakes, Olaf’s nose-shaped cookies, and of course, ice cream. Choose some of your child’s favorite treats to serve, but make sure to add a Frozen touch!


Food ideas for a Frozen party

1. Snowflake Sandwiches: Create adorable snowflake sandwiches with white bread, cream cheese, and blueberries.

2. Sven’s Carrot Sticks: Serve crunchy carrot sticks that look like Sven’s antlers!

3. Anna & Elsa Sundaes: Kids will love to make their Frozen-themed sundaes with their favorite flavors.

4. Olaf’s Chocolate Marshmallow Pops: Dip marshmallows in melted chocolate and then decorate them to look like Olaf!

5. Arendelle Pretzel Treats: Melt together some white chocolate chips and dip pretzels in it to create these yummy treats.

6. Sven’s Fruity Cornucopia: Fill a cornucopia with all kinds of fruits, like strawberries and blueberries, for a healthy snack.

7. Ice Palace Popsicles: Create ice palace popsicles by freezing juices in molds or ice cube trays.

8. Kristoff’s Frozen Yogurt: Delight your guests with homemade frozen yogurt and top it off with their favorite toppings!


At the end of the party, you can provide each guest with a special memento from Arendelle – Elsa, Anna dolls, Olaf-inspired party favors, and other themed souvenirs. Your guests will love taking home a piece of the Frozen party with them!

Finally, don’t forget to capture all these special memories in photos. Have a professional photographer come in to take pictures of the birthday girl or boy, as well as all the activities throughout the party. This way, you can look back at these photos and remember all the fun your kids had at their Frozen-themed birthday party!

With all these ideas in mind, you can plan a magical Frozen party for your kid’s special day. From decorations to activities to food and favors – everything should be tailored to the Frozen theme. So don’t forget to get creative as you organize a fabulous birthday party for your little one. Have fun!