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Luxury Picnic Setup Agreement

Parties: “Flower by Margo” – Provider
Booking person – Customer

1. Services

The Provider provides a luxury picnic experience in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Its services include a 2-hour experience with a custom picnic setup with handmade low tables, boho-style umbrellas, pillows and rugs, flatware and tableware, and other add-ons specified in the order, at the date and time agreed with the Customer.
The Provider provides decorating services for a booked party with decorations listed in the order.
The Provider cannot provide alcoholic beverages. The Customer may want to check with the regulations and laws in the desired area if they decide to bring their own at their own risk.
The Provider reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

2. Payment

To secure the Customer’s booking, the Provider requires a non-refundable deposit of 50% upfront. The final payment is due a day before the event starts. Event setup will not occur without full payment prior. The Provider, for security reasons, does not share or store credit card details. Once a payment or deposit is made, it is non-refundable.

3. Location and Weather

The Customer is ultimately responsible for any permits, entrance fees, or venue charges required by their chosen location/venue.
The Provider reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the picnic experience at any time if they feel that the weather or beach hazards threaten the safety of clients and staff. In such cases, the Provider will notify the Customer as soon as possible and work to reschedule the picnic experience for a later date that is convenient for both parties. Also, the event may be moved inside the Customer’s home.

4. Rescheduling, Cancellation & Refund

Bookings that are secured with a deposit may be rescheduled within 3 months due to bad or severe weather or a change of mind. The Customer can reschedule their picnic, but there is a requirement for 72 hours’ notice in advance.
The Provider offers one free rescheduling. However, if the Customer needs to reschedule again or doesn’t provide the required notice within 72 hours, there will be a fee of $150. The Provider does not offer refunds due to a change of mind or bad weather. Once the picnic is set up, it cannot be canceled, rescheduled, or moved.

5. Delay, Early End, Extension

The Customer undertakes to inform the Provider as soon as they know that they are delayed. However, a fee will be charged if they are late because we can’t leave until they arrive: first 20 min no charge, 20+ min $50. After an hour the Provider has the right to pack up the picnic without a refund.
Notice: Picnic time starts from the originally agreed time whether the Customer is late or not.
If the Customer would like to leave earlier than the agreed time, they should provide the Provider with a 30-minute notice via phone call or text at 747-272-2521 (or 818-649-0714). There are no refunds for unused time.
If the Customer would like to use the picnic set-ups for more than the set time slot, the Provider must be notified within 30 min. advance. If possible, the time may be extended by the Provider, as follows: + $50 for an additional hour up to 2 additional hours max.

6. Liability and Liability Waiver

The Customer undertakes not to smoke inside/next to/around the picnic area.
The Customer is responsible for the items until the Provider returns to pack them up at the arranged time. If any items are missing or damaged, the Customer is responsible for paying for the full replacement cost of the damaged item(s) (at the request of the Provider.)
The Customer agrees to adhere to this booking agreement liability waiver. The Customer agrees to waive any right to bring legal action to “Flowers by Margo”, the owner, and the staff for any personal or property damage to the venue/residence/beach/park where the picnic/event is held at. The Customer agrees that “Flowers by Margo”, the owner, and the staff will not be liable for any and all injuries or illness that may occur during its scheduled and agreed upon picnic time, to himself or his guests.

Provider:   FLOWERS BY MARGO                                   Signature___________________     Date________________________________

Customer: ___________________________________ Signature___________________     Date________________________________

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties have executed this Agreement as of the Effective Date.